Audi Automotive Mold

End Customer: Audi
Raw material: PA66+GF30%
Cav: 1*4 Cavities
Steel: LKM 1.2344 HRC48-52

Product Details

An example of Audi Automotive molds manufacturing in China

End Customer: Audi

Raw material: PA66+GF30%

Cav: 1*4 Cavities

Steel: LKM 1.2344 HRC48-52

Mold size: 500*600*451

Mold Weight: 980KG

Lead time: 45 days

Mold Components STD:EQ HASCO

Details describle: Precise audi automotive mold with 4pcs of Merkel oil cylidners,Incoe hot runner with 4 valve gates.

Deep Mould ‘s advantage Audi automotive molds making experience for

· Reply your inquiry in 24 hours

· Reply your questions in 24 hours during mold making or faster

· Our sales have design experience, smooth communication with technique issues

· Most of engineers work with more than ten years experience

Audi Automotive plastic molds and Audi automotive parts molding for global:

· North America-USA & Canada

· South America- Mexica & Brazil & Angentina

· Europe-UK,Germany,France,Poland,Spain

· Aisa-Singapore,Malaysia & China mainland

· Australia

Deep Mould have morethan 10 years of Audi automotive molds making experience for

· Audi automotive interior accessories,

· Audi automotive engine accessories,

· Audi automotive cup holder accessories

· Audi automotive GPS accessories etc.

· Audi automotive car doors

· Audi automotive air condition accessories,

Work progressing for Audi automotive mold manufacturing:

· Free cost of DFM analysis

· Free cost of Mold flow analysis

· Mold design in 3d & 2D drawings

· Detail drawings mold design before mold making

· Both 2d and 3d mold drawings for customer confirmation.

· Mold starting order steel and moldbase

· Mold starting machining after steel come back.

· Electrode inspection

· Weekly report with picture for mold making

· Mold testing report with trial details

· Molding parameter report

· CPK report

· Molding parts inspection report

· Mold shipment

· Mold base certification

· Mold steel certification

· Mold steel heat treatment certification

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