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Mold Making


We build customer injection molds to meet the highest customer standards for quality and reliability, design for high volume production with minimal maintenance.

We are professional of the precise mold maker for injection plastic,die casting , small, medium and big size (until 15T)

We application plastic moulds and parts are for automotive, householder, electronics.

We can make around 250 sets of mould per years (+/-10%)


Cavity & core & lifters insert MAKING

In order to meet the customer's requirement of qucik lead time and cost saving, Deep Mould can also provide customized injection mold cavity/core machining, insert machining,lifter machining and sliders machining.

Normal lead time will be 20 days for cavity and core blocks machining,including drilling coolings,make threads,CNC machining,Wire cutting,EDM machining,surface treatment ( Polishing or Texture),then ship to customers to assemble the whole mold for mold testing.