Toilet Container Plastic Parts

Toilet Container Plastic Parts

It is a set of plastic housing & cover for toilet container. German customer's new products.FAI reports for both parts. Total 2 molds,each one 1*1 cavity,LKM738H steel,YUDO open gate.The cover was made by a reverse mold.

Product Details

T1 sample of Deep Mould team: Plastic container parts

Big undercut in the container once was a difficult issue need to solve during mold design,the undercut's stroke was more than 65mm with angle. We have discussed with customer and improved a little bit on part design,then we figured it out with a big lifter.And the 4 outside of the container were made by 4 big sliders for better mold construction.

The big mold was running well during T1 trial,the parts were easily to take by robot.

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